Lago di Como

Welcome to Lake Como one of the most beautiful and the most famous of the Italian lakes. The lake is perfect for active as well as relaxing holidays. It has absolutely stunning views of the surrounding majestic mountains with their deep valleys running through them. Its crystal clear waters are up to 400 meters deep, making it one of the deepest lakes in Europe. When the lake is still, it mirrors the magnificent scenery that surrounds it. Charming villages with pastel coloured buildings and stone churches climb up the steep hillsides among olive groves and forests. The Lake has become the home to a number of celebrities of the past and present. To name one George Clooney's villa in the village of Laglio.  Two of the top and famous attractions of the Lake are Bellagio or the romantic Varenna! Beautiful villas set among colourful gardens grace headlands and shorelines.  The scenery from the boats is glorious. By car you can discover the valleys with their rural settlements and small churches and on foot or by mountain bike you explore the many trails around the lake. In the winter months the lake is much quieter although you will still see and hear the odd tourist ambling around. Lake Como is never completely tourist free as even during the winter the lake attracts visitors with its stunning snow-capped mountains and clear crisp winter days with blue skies.

What are you waiting for? Come to Lake Como! Come to Gittana!