The power of words


Holidays or Holy days?

I have a very funny story to tell to You my friends about my new road signs!

I told the Major, since i am a good girl and i do a lot of work for the town, i would have loved to have a couple of road signs for my Holidays in Gittana apts on the road to show the way to reach me! I asked him to make sure not to mess up with letters... ! Obviously after saying that i didn't worry anymore. Trusting others in life is a very important thing! I come home one day and my new signs were up! Hurray!! Then ... I looked closer ... they wrote Holydays with Y !!! Madonna Santa!

A part from the initial disappointment ... i decided to take it the positive way! It was the funniest thing i have seen in some time. It really made me laugh. They certainly would have made a lot of people laughing and increase curiosity about my place! :-) They could have brought me more luck with bookings and maybe start a new a religious kind of tourism! ahah!!!! 

I told the Major i would have loved to keep them. Etymologically is not even wrong .. Holy Days indicates days of rest, relax, ecc. ! and this is what people should feel when they came on vacation at my apartments in Gittana here on Lake Como.  So i decided i was firmly going to keep them. But unfortunately The Major had them changed! Too bad! I was given the originals though .. i think i will hang them in my apartments to make my guests laughing a bit!

So ... what are you waiting for ? come to Alessandra! come to Holy Days in Gittana !! You will never forget how spiritual your Holiday / vacation will be! ahahah

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